Wind Generator
Model N2000W Installing and Operating Instruction
1. Application and Feature
  • The wind power generator is an equipment to convert wind energy into electric power which is changed into storage battery set .It can be widely used in rich wind areas but without normal energy supply from any power system .It is capable of providing AC220V/50HZ and AC 110V/60HZ for lighting, TV, telecommunication equipment and so on.
  • Features of the wind-generator are: wind range of working speed, good generating performance in low wind speed with starting wind lf Beaufort Force 2, high efficiency, operating stably and safety even in wind of Beaufort Force 8, easy to operate, reliable quality, long service life.
2. Structure
  • The unit is mainly composed of wind rotor, permanent magnet generator, tailvane, stand, electric system. Electric system is composed of electric controller, storage batteries, electric cable, ect.(Fig.1)
3. Installation procedure
  • 1) Unpack and check the parts against the packing list.

  • 2) The unit should be installed in an open and flat area, where no barriers keep back wind within 20 meters. Dig a cubic hole in the center of the ground with size of 40cmX40cm X40cm. Then dig four triangular (each side is 80cm) pits with the depth of 70cm symmetrical 3.5meters from the central hole in four directions, One angle of the each triangle pit points at the center hole. Each set of the ground anchors is buried with crushed stone concrete tightly in pit.
    The guy wires should direct the center hole. (Fig.2)
Fig 2 Fig 3
  • 3) Fit together the upper, middle, lower mast and the base. Lay the base on the central hole, and lay down the mast through the triangle pit. (Fig, 3”A”). Fix the base plate with foundation bolts, washers and nuts (M16). Flatten the base plate and pour the hole with crushed stone concrete.

  • 4) Put up the disk (slipped on the upper mast that has four edge holes) to the upper. Insert each slip hook (one end of guy wires) through the edge hole and ring the upper mask.. Hook up the open screw buckles of three guy wires (the other edge ) (Fig.3 A.B.D) with ground anchors, erect up the mast then hook up the last buckle. (Fig.3“C”).Adjust the length of the buckles or the wires to make the mast tend to vertical.
    (Caution: Do not make the guy wires too tightly.)

  • 5) After the foundation solidifies(about 5to 7 days), the wire precisely to nuts (M16) on the base plate, adjust the length of the buckle or the wires precisely to make the mast vertical.

  • 6) Unscrew the two screw buckles (Fig, 3”B,C”)and then loose the buckles at U-shape fork which is last hooked up. (Fig.3 at”C”),lay down the mast direct “A”,.Sustain the mast at the lower end of the upper mast with a sample stand (at about half-meter high).

  • 7) Install the ring to the shaft of the top, then insert the supporting shaft of the generator into the top of the upper mast . Screw the M10 bolts and nuts.

  • 8) Insert the cable through the bottom to the top of the masts, pass through the supporting shaft and extend out at 0.5 meter, pass through the rubber passage ring on the top, and the passage hole (¢16)on shell of the generator. Connect the cables separately to the heads on the cable plate and connect to the ground cable plate.

  • 9) High the yaw arm to the shell of the generator with a pin (¢5X75),a washer, and a spill (¢3).Fix the yaw arm, tail fin together with a bolt (M12)and a washer, a spring washer tightly.

  • 10) Fix the hub on the axle of the generator tightly with a nut (M16)and a spring washer.

  • 11) Install the blades to the hub with bolts (M10X80),spring washers and nuts (M10). The twist moment of the bolt is about 5KG.M.
    Caution: Do not exchange the blades at will. They are formed to one set selected particularly according to weight ,please check the marks.

  • 12) Fix the nose cone to the hub with bolts (m6), washers, and spring washers.

  • 13) Erect up the masts and hook up the guy wires. Adjust the length of the four screw buckles precisely to make the masts vertical. Fasten the guy wires, and decrease the tolerance at the most. Check the connecting parts, fastening parts, wind the buckles one by one with galvanized iron wire to prevent from loosing and unhooking. Apply the anticorrosive oil on the screw poles of the buckles finally.

  • 14) Read the instruction about the electric controller carefully before fixing. According to the instruction, connect the storage batteries, generator and resistance box with the corresponding connective poles of the electric controller. The connection must be fasten and good.Don’t mix positive (+)and negative(-) poles. The connection end of the batteries with grease in order to decease the erosion.
4. Operation and Maintenance

Please read the instruction carefully before used. Do not install or lay down the masts due to safety in windy weather. Other caution are as follows:

  • 1)The wind-generator must be erected where the wind is unblocked and no obstacles can be found.

  • 2)Check the masts and four guy wires frequency, and adjust in time when they become loose.

  • 3)Do not stand under the unit when the rotor runs fast.

  • 4)Stop the machine and check immediately when abnormal noise or severely shocks occur during the operation.

  • 5)The wire of this electrical system do not be connected with other power wires. Suggestion; Use direct currency in light. Use alternative currency by inverting in electric instruments.

  • 6)First the wire of the electrical system must be connected with battery, then the input wire of the generator. When dissembling, you should loose the input wire of the generator, then the battery.

  • 7)Dissembling of rotor
        a. Remove the nose cone.
        b. Remove the nut (M16) and the washer from the axle of the generation.
        c. Use the special tools with the generation. First screw the socket onto the hub (to the upmost ), then loose the bolt (M16) with wrench, and remove the rotor.
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